Dr Burt Webb, MD, FACOG

Burt Webb, M.D. graduated from Stanford University and Tulane Medical School. He did his residency at Good Samaritan Medical Center and is board certified in in Obstetrics and Gynecology. After delivering more than 11,000 babies, Dr. Webb has shifted from his OB practice and is now focused exclusively on Gynecology and women’s health. Dr. Webb is respected by both patients and physicians not only for his exceptional care but his innovative surgical skills.

Dr. Burt Webb FACOG

With a progressive approach to medical care, Dr. Webb uses innovative techniques and procedural skills daily to help his patients. He has become exemplary in the field of women’s health and is recognized nationally and internationally because of his individualized, innovative approach to wellness.

Dr. Webb is a leading expert in cosmetic gynecology, which can help the vagina and labia look better and function better. As an O Shot® provider he is passionate about helping women of all ages exceed the expectations with female sexual wellness.  His protocols address lichen sclerosis, leaky bladder, urinary incontinence, sexual desire, sensitivity and over all satisfaction. He creates customized combination therapies combining both PRP with energy and laser based devices to achieve overall wellness. An expert in the area of bioidentical hormones with more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Webb encourages women to have their hormone levels checked.
Dr. Webb has been voted Top Doctor by Phoenix Magazine consecutive years by his peers. While his practice uses the most advanced surgical techniques to help women, he tries to avoid surgery and offers many nonsurgical options. However, if a patient does require surgery, Dr. Webb is world renowned for being a pioneer in Robotic Surgery, Laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgeries.
“I was the first to perform laparoscopic surgery in Scottsdale, and, just recently, I gave a lecture in Bangkok at an international meeting of surgeons on the innovative hysterectomy technique I employed,” – Dr. Burt Webb
His unique hysterectomy procedure is less painful with a faster recovery time than is typically seen. Patients with fibroids are also offered less invasive options. He teaches this technique to doctors around the world, and is a senior member of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology.
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It is his ability to think outside of the box and offer new techniques and alternatives to surgery that enable Dr. Webb to help his patients feel their best. Specializing in hormonal imbalances, bleeding problems, fibroids, endometriosis and ovarian cysts, Dr. Webb performs an extensive evaluation to get to the source of the problem.
“My profession allows me to continuously learn about new ideas and surgical techniques that help aid me in developing individualized plans for each of my patients,” he says, “I get to learn about these new concepts from conferences that are devoted to women’s health, and use them in my practice.”
“What matters is getting to know the patient as an individual first, then understanding their health problems and creating a unique solution that their entire well-being benefits from.”


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