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Model Description

Satisfy your lab’s most diverse processing requirements with the BOOST 2+ Flex. Customize settings and check every detail on the digital display. Program up to 10 custom cycles.

  • A time and speed/g-force can be quickly entered for a single use cycle. The cycle will not be retained in memory.
  • If desired, the control panel can be temporarily locked on one cycle for error-free reproducibility.
  • A Preset Lock can be turned on to prevent changes from being made accidentally to programmed cycles.
  • Up to 10 cycles can be programmed for time, speed, and braking and labeled with a custom name. Cycles can be programmed by g-force (RCF) or speed to facilitate matching validated cycles and tube manufacturers’ IFUs.
  • A digital cycle counter tracks the number of cycles the centrifuge has run.
  • Lid lighting indicates the centrifuge’s status (ready, running, done), informing the operator when tubes are ready for the analyzer and preventing tubes from being left in the centrifuge longer than necessary (patent pending).
  • A traditional audible alert indicates the completion of the cycle. The audible alert can be muted.
  • Cool Flow design prevents overheating of samples by using ambient air to keep specimens at room temperature.
  • The carriers are fiber reinforced for high strength, durability, and years of trouble-free use. (Autoclave-compatible carriers are also available as an alternative option. Contact Drucker Diagnostics Customer Service for more information.)
  • A clear lid permits safe observation of samples and optical calibration of speed.
  • The lid safety system prevents the centrifuge from operating unless the lid is closed and latched.
  • The lid safety system only allows entry into the centrifuge after the rotor has completely stopped.
  • The high-power brushless motor provides years of operation with no routine maintenance.
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