Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) powered Hair Growth Tracking Patient Consult System.

To improve patient conversion and patient retention, doctors must have a technology tool to scientifically quantify and objectively demonstrate treatment results throughout the patient’s treatment journey.
The Capily Hair Tracking System, GroTrack provides a scientific system that closes hair treatment consultations while validating the efficacy of the hair treatment procedures you offer.
An important part of any hair loss treatment is having objective data to monitor hair growth and quantify treatment results.  Until now, the methods have been highly complicated and limited to very few specialized clinical research practices. Introducing GroTrack™,  an efficient, easy-to-use hair analysis system for all hair loss treatments.
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Learn how to optimize your hair restoration program with a seamless interface. Capture high-resolution standardized global and macro hair images easily & quickly.
Found in our complimentary library, MARCO ZAHEDI M.D., M.P.H. speaks to REVIVE™ about this technology and how it has increased patient conversion and patient retention in his private practice.
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How Do I Learn More?

Schedule a virtual demo with a GroTrack™ team member below or learn more by watching REVIVE’s educational webinar taught by Dr. Mark Zahedi, found in our complimentary library.
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