Leverage LeadingResponse’s 20+ years and 1 MILLION public seminars marketing experience to attract affluent, motivated and pre-screened potential patients to live seminar events or directly to your practice.
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How to Attain and Retain Qualified Paying Patients to your Practice with Leading Response

with John McCloskey VP of Sales | Leading Response

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LeadingResponse is also a Facebook Partner and Premier Google Partner that helps make your online marketing campaigns attract highly targeted patients seeking your services. Visit their site created for REVIVE practices where you’ll see a marketing storefront housing high-impact seminar invitations, digital campaigns and webinar solutions designed to bring your production back to pre COVID-19 levels and more.

  • Effective seminar invitations customized to your practice
  • Digital and webinar campaign information
  • Best practices for successful marketing campaigns
  • How to obtain data to target the best potential patients
  • How to book a no-obligation strategy session with LeadingResponse

Introduction to LeadingResponse

John McCloskey

LeadingResponse Business Partner

John is the Vice President of Sales for LeadingResponse’s Elective Medical Division. John has been marketing business-to-consumer programs since 1998. His specialty is marketing for elective medical practices looking to attract fee-based patients. Through digital and direct mail, Leading Response has all the assets in-house to help medical practices reach their desired audience through a variety of programs.

LeadingResponse has marketed over 1,000,000 consumer seminar events for financial advisors. Their SeminarSuccess program is now being utilized by elective medical practices looking to attract more fee-based cases. In as little as 7 days, practices conducting public seminars for. regenerative medicine, hormone therapy, aesthetic treatments and others consistently fill 2 or more events with 25-30 potential patients targeted by age, wealth and geography. Responders answer survey questions about their ailment(s), desired treatments, interest level and time frame to obtain treatment. LeadingResponse provides a total solution including best practices consultations, proven and tested invitations, data, print, inbound RSVP services and more.

LeadingResponse is also a Premier Google Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner. This means that LeadingResponse sends millions annually with each company on behalf of their clients. They have account managers with each company to expedite complaint marketing campaigns and have access to data other marketing companies don’t have. Their targeted approach is fueled by millions of responder records and prior local event data that will gives practice and clients an edge in their market.

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