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Online Training Options

REVIVE™ offers both hands-on and online training options utilizing PRP for male and female intimacy and wellness. Dependent on your level of expertise, you may online certify as an official O-Shot®, P-Shot® and/or Vampire® provider. Once trained, and certified, members can administer and market these procedures. Simply register below and gain access to all that is needed to become a certified provider of these protocols. We are standing by to help or answer any questions. 833-5RE-VIVE


  1. Didactic Lectures covering the science and efficacy of each procedure
  2. Detailed instructional videos showing how to do all applications
  3. Consent forms
  4. Protocols
  5. List of Materials needed and Sources for those materials
  6. Support from other providers and access to Dr. Charles Runels personal cell phone.
  7. Possibility of participating in our clinical trials (collect data as per protocols)

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Able to train: MD, DO, PA, RN, NP, DDS, and more. Not able to train: Naturopaths, Estheticians, Chiropractors



The O-Shot® procedure provides a specific way of using growth factors within PRP to stimulate multi-potent stem cells to generate healthier and more functional tissue in the areas of sexual response and urinary continence within the vagina (G-Spot, O-Spot, Skene’s Glands, urethra, & vaginal wall).


The Priapus Shot® or P-Shot® is a non-surgical procedure and is pain free. It involves the injection of platelet rich plasma into the shaft of the penis, once it has been sufficiently numbed. This attracts stem cells and growth factors that kick-start tissue growth in the nerves and blood vessels, that in turn improves the size and quality of your patient’s erections, as well as treating erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease.

Vampire® Procedures

• Vampire face lift – PRP is injected into your face to give you more volume, texture, shape and color.
• Vampire facial- PRP is micro-needled into your skin making your face look younger and reducing damages.
• Breast lift- PRP injected into your breast tissue making a more tighter, lifted breast.
• Wing lift – PRP injected into your labia making it more fuller.

Hands-On Clinical Training Dates

Below you will find hands-on course dates, taking place in our faculty’s private practices. With this intimate (8 student max) training setting, you will work one-on-one with LIVE models and the expert physician of your choice. Choose your course topic, date and faculty member below.

We suggest all students attend a CME, hands-on training for sexual wellness and work side by side with REVIVE™ physician faculty. Courses are held on the east, central and west coasts for your convenience. The inventor of these protocols, Dr. Charles Runels, also provides dates for hands-on training in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama. Choose your location, register, and plan to work with LIVE models and some of the most qualified physician trainers. Call for additional details or if you need help determining the best option for you when learning these protocols.

We are standing by to help if you have any questions or want assistance with your registration.

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Hands-On Training with Charles Runels

Learn from the inventor himself

What You’ll Learn During Dr. Runels’ Live Training Workshop:

• Vampire Breast Lift® – For treatment of post-implant or post-mastectomy scars, restoration of sensation, enhancement of cleavage, softening of stretch marks.

• O-Shot® – For treatment of urinary incontinence, lichen sclerosus, and female sexual dysfunction.

• Priapus Shot® – For treatment of Peyronie’s disease, improvement of erectile dysfunction, (improvement in size in only 60% treated).

• Vampire FaceLift® – For younger shape, texture, color, treatment of scars.

• Vampire Facial® – For younger texture & color, treatment of scars.

• Vampire Hair® Restoration of around 40% of hair in men. Near 100% in most women.

• Botox® procedures

• Juvederm® & other HA fillers


833-5RE-VIVE (833-573-8483)

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Additional Expert Faculty Training Locations

Dr. Robert Bowen
Martinsburg, WV

O-Shot, P-Shot + ESWT and

Online Access to

Vampire (Face, Breast, Wing)

Dates & Registration
Dr. Burt Webb & Dr. Russell Bartels
Scottsdale, AZ

O-Shot and P-Shot + ESWT,

Plus Online Access to All

Vampire Protocols

Dates & Registration
Dr. Alexandra Runnels
San Antonio, TX

O-Shot and P-Shot + ESWT,

Plus Online Access to All

Vampire Protocols

Dates & Registration
Dr. Anteneh Roba
Fairfax, VA

O-Shot and P-Shot + ESWT,

PRP Hair Restoration

Plus Online Access to All

Vampire Protocols

Dates & Registration

I cannot say enough great things about REVIVE Advanced Training Consultants. They are prompt to answer emails and never missed a phone call. They are easy to work with and their customer service is unmatched. My business partner and I needed to change our training dates at the last second and they were happy to accommodate us with no hassle. Their training modules are thorough, and I love that they offer hands on training in small intimate groups. If you are looking for advanced training, I would highly recommend REVIVE!


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Able to train: MD, DO, PA, RN, NP, DDS, and more. Not able to train: Naturopaths, Estheticians, Chiropractors
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