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Therapeutic effect of microneedling and autologous platelet- rich plasma in the treatment of atrophic scars: A randomized study


Background: New treatments and techniques were being added over the last few years to treat atrophic scars with variable results and adverse effects.

Aim of the work: The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the therapeutic efficacy and safety of microneedling, autologous platelet-rich plasma, and combination of both procedures in the treatment of atrophic scars.

Patients and methods: This study included 90 patients with atrophic scars and were classified randomly into three groups: I: 28 patients treated with microneedling, one session every 4 weeks; II: 34 patients treated with intradermal injection of platelet-rich plasma, one session every 2 weeks; and III: 28 patients treated with alternative sessions of each microneedling and platelet-rich plasma, 2 weeks between each session, for a maximum of six sessions.

Results: There was a statistically significant improvement in the appearance of atrophic scars, with reduction in the scores associated with the clinical evaluation scale for atrophic scarring in all groups, but the improvement was more obvious in group III.

Conclusions: Although a single treatment may give good results, combination between skin needling and platelet-rich plasma is more effective, safe with less number of sessions in all types of atrophic scars.

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