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Efficacy of Microneedling Plus Human Stem Cell Conditioned Medium for Skin Rejuvenation: A Randomized, Controlled, Blinded Split-Face Study


The use of growth factors in skin rejuvenation is emerging as a novel anti-aging treatment. While the role of growth factors in wound healing is well established, their use in skin rejuvenation has only recently been to be studied and no controlled trials have been performed. Objective: We evaluated the anti-aging effects of secretory factors of endothelial precursor cells differentiated from human em- bryonic stem cells (hESC-EPC) in Asian skin. Methods: A total of 25 women were included in this randomized, controlled split-face study. The right and left sides of each participant’s face were randomly allocated to hESC-EPC conditioned medium (CM) or saline. To enhance epidermal penetration, a 0.25-mm microneedle roller was used. Five treatment sessions were repeated at 2-week intervals. Results: Phy- sician’s global assessment of pigmentation and wrinkles after treatment revealed statistically significant effects of micro- needling plus hESC-EPC CM compared to microneedling alone (p<0.05). Skin measurements by Mexameter and Visiometer also revealed statistically significant effects of microneedling plus hESC-EPC CM on both pigmentation and wrinkles (p<0.05). The only minimal adverse event was mild desquamation in one participant. Conclusion: Secre- tory factors of hESC-EPC improve the signs of skin aging and could be a potential option for skin rejuvenation. (Ann Dermatol 26(5) 584∼591, 2014)

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